Miss America on Guns: Let's Make Them Harder to Get (VIDEO)

Apparently Miss America isn’t too fond of guns.  When Mallory Hagan was interviewed during the 2013 pageant, she managed to spit out a fairly inarticulate response to the question of armed guards in schools in light of the Newtown tragedy. According to Ms. Hagan, “The answer is not to fight violence with violence.” O-K.

Nevertheless, Hagan spoke with the Daily Caller yesterday to clarify her stance on gun control and present a more articulate explanation regarding her overall views on firearms.

I definitely stand by what I said. I wish I had said it a little more eloquently, but I just really don’t think that adding firearms to society is going to solve any problems. We have to look at mental health issues, we have to look at the way that people are obtaining them, you know, are they going through the correct process? You know, you have to have a learner’s permit for six months before you can drive a car, yet you can walk into any gun show and buy a gun without a background check and without the proper safety classes. I just think there’s different ways we can go about obtaining firearms. I don’t think we should take them away from people, by any means, but it should be more difficult to get them.


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