Water Jet Packs - Future of Spec Ops? (VIDEO)

A private security firm hopes to market their state-of-the-art water jet pack to the U.S. military in hopes of arming Navy SEALs with the futuristic technology.

picture-92[1]Tony Sparks, owner of Phantom Services, envisions his jet packs on the backs of Navy SEALs who seek to overtake a vessel undetected. The JetLev allows an operator to fly and dive while connected to a 30-foot hose to what is essentially a riderless seatless Jet Ski. Able to travel at speeds of 30 miles per hour, the JetLev uses a 260-horsepower gasoline engine and directs water down from the pack’s dual nozzles at 800 to 1,000 gallons per minute.

Although the whole idea seems a bit fanciful, Sparks explains his concepts with the utmost sincerity,

“This has a Coast Guard application for near-shore search and rescue because it gives you an elevated view. It works well for rescuing distressed vessels in high sea states. With one-handed controls, [an operator] can shoot and fly at the same time. You just drop the pack, it floats away — we have a tracker on it — and go back and pick it up when the fight is over.”

Sparks and his team of JetLev operators set up shop in Tampa Bay, FL recently in hopes of catching the eye of military officials attending the Special Operations Force Industry Conference.


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