Chicago Gang Member Shoots, Kills Baby Over Video Game (VIDEO)

The Chicago Police Department has charged a gang member for the fatal shooting of a 6-month-old baby that took place two months ago over a video gaming system.


33-year-old Komen Willis

Police say that 33-year-old Komen Willis targeted Jonathan Watkins because he stole a video game system and wanted revenge. Watkins’ child, Jonylah, was shot as she sat in her fathers lap inside a minivan near the intersection of 65th Street and Maryland.

Jonylah was rushed to Northwestern Hospital where she died the following day. Although Willis and Watkins are gang members, the shooting was not considered gang-related.

Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy credited pastor Corey Brooks for convincing Watkins to cooperate – who had previously refused to incriminate the shooter. The true break in the case came when detectives identified witnesses to the shooting who had not come forward earlier.

Willis – who has at least 38 previous arrests, eventually turned himself in on Saturday and is now charged with first degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm.

Pastor Corey Brooks said at a Sunday press conference that Jonylah’s parents have long hoped for justice for daughter.

“Every single day we are hopeful and thankful, you know, that it is going to happen.We are hoping that it will be in the next 24 hours.”


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