Strange Inner World of the Al Qaeda Network

Apparently Al Qaeda bosses are unrelenting back-biting managers when it comes to dealing with low-level terrorists. A letter obtained by the Associated Press reveals the strange inner-workings of the terrorist network that masterminded 9/11. According to correspondence, lower level terrorists in the group’s North African division reportedly have to fill out expense reports, attend meetings, return supervisors phone calls in a timely fashion, and of course, produce spectacularly deadly and terror-inducing results.


Moktar Belmoktar

A building formerly occupied by the group in Mali revealed a 12-page letter and focuses on Moktar Belmoktar, an Alegerian-born terrorist in his early 40s. The rebuke came from Al Qaeda’s North African chapter’s governing body and pushed Belmoktar to resign; forming his own group which, within months, claimed responsibility for two attacks so large they rivaled the biggest operations undertaken by Al Qaeda’s wing on the continent.

You can read the entire AP story here.



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