WWII Soldier's Letter to Wife Delivered After 69 Years! (VIDEO)

A New York City woman was surprised to discover an envelope from the World War II era sandwiched between her bills and junk mail.

Abbi Jacobson said she couldn’t help but open it, seeing it was sent to her exact address at Apt. 3D, 126 MacDougal Street, New York – despite being mailed nearly 70 years ago.

In a bid to discover the fate of the intended receiver – the wife of Lieutenant Joseph O. Matthews, she has launched an online appeal called the Lost Letter Project.

She created a YouTube video, launched yesterday, explaining “It was this handwritten letter form this Lieutenant and his wife who was living here in this apartment 69 years ago.”

“It’s not my purpose to read it out loud for the internet. When we find the person . . . I want to hand the letter to them,” said Jacobson.

According to the letter, Lieutenant Matthews was based at Camp Lejeune, a military training facility in Jacksonville, North Carolina. There’s also mention of an individual called Bud Morris.

Hundreds of people have joined the search for Mrs. Lieutenant Joseph O. Matthews. Jacobson’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts are filled with comments and potential leads.

‘I’m hoping it’s a little old man and a little old lady and I get to be like, “I’m finally delivering this to you.” How cute would that be,’ Miss Jacobson adds.



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