CO Dems Tweet Pro-Gun Sheriffs Sided with Criminals for Opposing New Gun Control

Colorado State Senate Democrats took to Twitter to claim that most of the state’s elected sheriffs are siding with criminals by joining in a lawsuit to overturn gun control bills.
The lawsuit has been joined by 55 of the state’s 62 sheriffs and has been supported by others in law enforcement. It seeks to overturn the ban on high-cap magazines and required background checks for all gun transfers.

Apparently this rankled the ire of CO Senate Democrats, who later tweeted: “2day CO sheriffs stood in opposition of CO’s new gun laws, but not w/law-abiding citizens, but with criminals. #coleg #Sheriffs4Criminals.” It’s not clear who wrote the specific tweet.

“I believe that is such a hollow statement that it deserves no real response,” Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said. “It shows a complete lack of real discussion [in that] if they can’t make their case for why they did what they did, attack us personally. The citizens deserve a lot more robust debate than name calling.”

Smith went on to conclude: “But the reality is, that’s fairly consistent.Even when they pitched these bills, they couldn’t back them up with logic and reason, so it doesn’t surprise me.”


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