Oprah Defends 2nd Amendment, but Supports Expanded Background Checks (VIDEO)

Oprah Winfrey gave the commencement address at Harvard University Thursday, with a focus on gun control and the Second Amendment.

Speaking for the first time about the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, Winfrey told students she supported expanded background checks — while also defending Americans’ Second Amendment rights. She pointed out that the seemingly divergent schools of thought “don’t have to be incompatible.”

“We understand that the vast majority of people in this country believe in stronger background checks, because they realize that we can uphold the Second Amendment and reduce the violence that is robbing us of our children,” she said.

Using the words of Newtown parents Francine and David Wheeler, Winfrey’s broader lesson for the graduates centered on communication.

“You simply cannot demonize or vilify someone who doesn’t agree with you. Because when you do that, the minute you do that, your discussion is over.”


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