Putin's Got Guns on the Brain


Russian President Vladimir Putin has guns on the brain – he recently compared the Olympic torch to an AK-47.

Putin paid a visit to St. Petersburg Thursday and watched the torch being taken apart and put back together. Apparently the ancient symbol’s gas tube looked similar to the AK-47’s, prompting the former KGB honcho to quip,

“No matter what you try and make in Russia, it always turns out like a Kalashnikov,” he joked.


“Is good!”

Putin’s remarks drew smiles from International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge and Sochi 2014 chief organizer Dmitry Chernyshenko. Next year’s Winter Olympics will include 14,000 torchbearers and a record-breaking 65,000 kilometer route through Russia.

It’s not uncommon to see the Russian president brandishing a Kalashnikov – he’s been shown shooting the storied firearm in its various forms, along with other guns, on several occasions.



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