Elderly Veteran Catches Young Wife Cheating; Shoots, Kills Her Lover (VIDEO)

The 70-year-old Vietnam veteran from Brandon, Florida, who confessed to killing another man after finding him having sex with his wife, has been acquitted of any wrongdoing.


Walter Lee Conley

Ralph Lewis Wald called 911 on March 21 and calmly told a dispatcher he shot 32-year-old Walter Lee Conley, whom he’d reportedly caught “fornicating” with his 42-year-old wife Johnna Flores.

When Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputies arrived, Wald explained he’d woken up for a late-night drink from the kitchen when he saw the lovers having sex in his living room. He returned to his room, grabbed a gun and shot Conley several times.

Wald’s wife wasn’t injured, but Conley died on the scene. The elderly shooter was later charged with second degree murder.


Johnna Flores

But in a surprise verdict yesterday, a Florida jury acquitted Wald of all charges. Claiming self-defense, the former Lieutenant Colonel apparently thought his wife was being raped.

Wald made no bones about the situation. He said, “I had a problem, I found someone raping my wife. I took care of it. I got a gun and I shot him.”

And it appears the couple has reconciled, planning a special evening ahead of Wald’s release from jail.

“Because my husband puts me first, he’s taking me to the Waffle House,” said Flores.


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