Colorado County Implementing Plainclothes 'School Marshal' Officers (VIDEO)

“Douglas County hopes ‘school marshals’ will help keep students safe.

“‘It is no different than getting on an airplane; you never know who the air marshal is. When you walk into one of our schools, you won’t know who the law enforcement officer is,’ Sheriff David Weaver said. ‘It is that awareness being brought by the media, as well as us educating the public that we do have plain clothes officers in the schools.’

“Schools will also provide free lunches to officers to increase their presence. They’ll also be able to access schools’ Wi-Fi so they can work on their reports in the parking lots.”

It’s hard to disagree with additional, specifically armed security in schools, although time will tell if this additional police exposure will put kids at other legal risks. It’s one thing if these officers are there simply to provide security; it’s another if they’re there to enforce law.

[CBS Denver]

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