Female IDF Soldiers in Hot Water for Posting Semi-Nude Pics (PHOTOS)

female idf soldiers risque posing

Female soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Force have been disciplined for posting semi-nude images of themselves on Facebook.

Apparently the young soldiers posed for the pictures while standing in the middle of their southern Israeli base. The pictures have launched a firestorm of debate in the Israeli media. Some citizens condemned the acts, while others took a more lighthearted approach: “instead of more pictures of war, better that the world should see photos of IDF soldiers being silly.”

Either way, the women have received an unspecified punishment through “command channels,” for “”tarnishing the image of the Israeli Defense Forces.”

female israeli soldiers exposing

female idf solders posing in bikinis with rifles

female idf solders backsides with rifles

female idf solders in bikinis with guns


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