Meet the Charon Family of 3D-Printable AR Lowers (PHOTOS)

Charon Family - The Whole Family

Charon Family - Carbine, Adjustable Stock, Mockup

Charon Family - Charon Rifle

Charon Family - gbGDYdU

Charon Family - Magwell Improvement Detail

Charon Family - Rifle, Kommando Edition

Charon Family - Unbuffered Pistol

Charon Family - AR-15 Receiver

Charon Family - Buffered Pistol Receiver

Charon Family - Carbine, Adjustable Stock, Collapsed

Developed by WarFairy, the Charon family is currently composed of seven 3D-printable AR-15 lowers. Taking some design cues from the FN P90, the Charons — save for the Def Dist-based lower receiver, that one is almost unchanged — use a modified pistol grip that adds structural support to the buffer tower, a weak point for 3D printed AR lowers.

They also add a little finger grip to the magwell which is pretty swanky.

These follow the P-15 lower receiver, also designed by WarFairy, a similar but segmented lower designed to be printable on low-volume 3D printers in discrete pieces.

You can download WarFairy’s whole package at SendSpace.

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