Mom to Burglar: “I’m going to blow your f-ing head off!” (VIDEO)

A gun-totting Ohio woman held a would-be burglar at bay until police arrived, warning him, “if you move, you’re gonna go to the morgue, because I’m going to blow your f-ing head off!”

Tammy Takach of Steubenville was fast asleep Thursday when a strange noise woke her. She grabbed her pistol and went downstairs. And that’s where she found a hapless burglar holding her air conditioner unit.

“He stood up and put his hands up,” Takach said “He said, ‘I’m just going to go. I’m sorry,’ and I said, ‘The only place you’re going to go is jail, and if you move, you’re gonna go to the morgue, because I’m going to blow your f-ing head off.”

The tough-as-nails female kept her gun aimed at Ryan Geary, 23, until police arrived. Amazingly, Takach’s son was sound asleep upstairs the entire time.


Ryan Geary

Geary was arraigned Friday on burglary charges and possessing criminal tools. He faces up to nine years in prison.
According to Takach’s husband, Anson, the family owns numerous firearms, but this was the first time his wife had been put in such a situation.

“We go to the range as much as we can. We own a lot of firearms,” said Mr. Takach. “I’ve had extensive training with firearms, so I teach her and my son how to be responsible and to remain calm in situations like that.”


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