Rob Leatham Demonstrating the XD(s) 9mm and .45 ACP Side-by-Side (VIDEO)

When people have asked me which of these I recommend it’s usually the 9mm. Shooting the .45 smarts. It’s just going to, it’s a function of the very narrow grip and relatively stiff recoil.

But when people ask me which of these I prefer to shoot, it’s the .45 all the way.

I would like to see a .40 S&W XD(s) just to slake my curiosity, and I imagine Springfield is working on it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole deal is currently being back-burnered to keep up with the demand on things they already offer.

Either way, they’re both some of the most controllable, concealable pistols in standard self-defense calibers. And they have great sights. And a good grip texture. And a strong aftermarket.

And for some reason, Glock isn’t having any of this…

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