Mysterious “Blob” Spotted Over Army’s Redstone Arsenal in Alabama (PHOTOS)


Researchers at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the National Weather Service spotted a mysterious blob above the Army’s Redstone Arsenal yesterday.

The anomaly showed up Tuesday afternoon and was centered near the northwest edge of the arsenal. Initially observers believed the radar image was being caused by a damaged substation in the Madison or West Huntsville area.


Nevertheless, Huntsville Utilities used a spectral analyzer to see if an aberrant frequency was “tricking” the radar – but tests revealed that the image was not from a deployed military aircraft or anything else in the sky.

Arsenal officials claim they didn’t know what was causing the echo on the radar. And although no one seems to know what caused the image, conspiracy theorists have already speculated on the oddity.

Internet posters said a white substance was falling from the sky in area at the same time, while others pointed to aliens. As of 10:15 Tuesday night, the anomaly was showing less and less reflectivity by the minute.


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