Korth Combat .357 Mag Review–Worth the Hype? (VIDEO)

“When a handgun costs over $4k, it’s usually due to historical significance or extreme rarity and collectibility. None of these really apply to the Korth, so what gives? Is this handcrafted, German-made “Rolls-Royce of revolvers” really worth the sky high price?”

You know, I’m not giving away any big secrets when I say “it depends.” Although I will have to agree with much of the conclusion. For the price of one Korth, you can get three or four tuned Smiths, so it’s not like you can even say it’s worth it because the gun lasts longer than any other revolvers out there.

Anyway, they’re damn fine revolvers, that’s for sure.

While you’re at it, check out our review of the Korth Combat as well as the Korth 9mm Semi-Auto.

Here’s some video of a Korth at the range (action starts at 2:26):

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