The 24-Hour Sniper Challenge–You Ready? (VIDEO)

The 24-Hour Sniper Challenge is a non-stop long-range, long-distance 3-gun match under the summer New Mexico sun. It’s not easy. It can take up to 40 hours to complete it (24-40-Hour Sniper Challenge doesn’t have the same ring to it) and you’ll need help — it’s a two-man team competition. And you better come equipped. 

  • Match duration: roughly 24-40 hours
  • Baseline land navigation of roughly 30 miles
  • Bonus land-navigation points additional roughly 10 miles
  • Rough high desert terrain
  • GPS prohibited for land nav – Required to bring as emergency equipment
  • No support crew will be permitted.
  • Field shooting challenges include long-range shooting, precision shooting, assault stages, target identification and shoot/no-shoot decisions, and related problems
  • Approximate maximum target distances: rifle 1500 yards; carbine 500; pistol 100
  • Unknown, various, and non-standard target sizes
  • Max long-range rifle caliber .338 LM, minimum 6mm
  • Max carbine caliber, .300WSM; max barrel length 20 inches (not including suppressor), minimum caliber .223
  • Night vision optics not required and not permitted
  • Almost all targetry will be reactive armor steel plate
  • Round count (minimums): Long-range rifle: approx 50; carbine: approx 100; pistol: approx 100.
  • Cost: $695 per team.
  • All teams will be required to bring a SPOT tracker that is registered with the match so we can track all teams in real time

If you and a buddy think you can do this, head over to Competition Dynamics to sign up for this year’s 24-Hour Sniper Challenge. The event takes place July 4-7.

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