George Zimmerman Passed Lie Detector After Killing Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)

In a newly released clip from 2012, George Zimmerman โ€“ rigged to a lie detector which concluded he was telling the truth, recalls the events that led to the death of Trayvon Martin.

According to Zimmerman, he follows Martin because he was acting suspiciously. โ€œI got out of my car to look for a street sign so I could at least tell them [the police] what street I was on,โ€ he recalls.

After tailing Martin, Zimmerman looses sight of the teen. And thatโ€™s when he claims Martin launched his attack. While both individuals were on the ground, Zimmerman raised his jacket, exposing his pistol. They both reached for the gun โ€“ but Zimmerman managed to grab it first, firing the shot that killed Martin.

The interview, given a few days after the incident by Sanford, Florida, law enforcement, was conducted by an investigator who rigged Zimmerman to a laptop that analyzes stress levels in voices to detect signs of lying. The subsequent report indicated Zimmerman passed the test, concluding there was โ€œNo deception indicated.โ€


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