High Schooler Can't Wear Newly Earned USMC Uniform to Graduation (VIDEO)

A recent high school graduate and newly christened U.S. Marine has been barred from wearing his uniform in lieu of the traditional cap and gown.

Brandon Garabrant recently completed boot camp in Parris Island, SC and intended to fly back up to his home in Conval, NH to end his high school graduation in his USMC dress blues.

However, ConVal High School principal emailed Garabrant’s mother, Jessie, and said he needed to wear a cap and gown at the ceremony – but he could add a special pin or cord to indicate his status as a Marine.

“With all due respect to the military, it’s not a celebration of what’s next, what’s after that,” Pickering said. “This has been a procedure for a number of years at ConVal High School.”

But Brandon’s mom doesn’t agree,

“Brandon earned this right and he went above and beyond what he needed to do in high school ,” Jessie said. “I think covering up with a cap and gown is disgraceful to the uniform.”

And thanks to the internet, Brandon’s sister Mykala started a petition to allow her brother to wear his uniform. According to attorney Justin Nadeau: “I’m certainly not aware of any current state law that would regulate what someone can or cannot wear at graduation.”


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