New Horror Movie an Attack on Tea Party, NRA?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Hollywood has a liberal bent, but critics argue a new movie from Tinseltown is filled with attacks on the NRA and Tea Party.

According to Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture at the Media Research Institute, the director of the movie “The Purge,” James DeMonaco “makes it clear the movie is a direct attack on the NRA, an organization filled with millions of law-abiding gun owners.”

“The loony left’s reflexive hatred of the 2nd Amendment is founded in the concept that people who don’t break the law are somehow evil for exercising the Constitutional rights,” Gainor added.

Gainor might not be too far from the mark, DeMonaco has admitted he based the leadership of the movie’s scary government on the NRA:

“I layered in these New Founding Fathers, this regime that we voted into power at some point, some kind of NRA-thing that took over the country…But I kind of left that to the audience. I think sometimes in my writing I try to spoon feed too much, it’s better to let the audience make their own decisions on things.”


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