DIY Tavor Trigger Job

The Tavor doesn’t have a good trigger. It’s actually heavy to the point where it could easily affect a shooter’s ability to shoot for precision. That alone isn’t too big of a deal since it’s not a precision rifle.

Everything about the Tavor makes it a knock-around fighting rifle designed to operate comfortably in all environments, with the emphasis on comfort.

Honestly, it’s got to be one of the easiest guns we’ve had the pleasure to shoot.

Fortunately, part of the reason the trigger is so heavy is that it’s got a redundant spring to add to its reliability under extreme circumstances. But it would seem that it’s not necessary for even heavy shooting — of course, time will tell, but there’s little harm in trying, right?

Seven pounds isn’t great, but for the Tavor, it must be night and day.

This will do for now, at least until companies make some aftermarket triggers available.


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