Introducing the Polymer80 (80 Percent Polymer AR-15 Lower) (VIDEO)

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, that there is an all-’80s talk radio-themed YouTube channel or that these polymer 80 percent lowers run $70 (jigs cost $15).

I recently picked up two finished ATI Omni lowers for $70, during the Panic evenWe’ll see how they hold up.

That being said, I suspect prices will go down sooner or later, and it would be interesting to see how low these polymer 80s will go; if they can ship a lower and a jig that works with a hand drill for $50 then I could have a lot of fun with them. Like 3D printing but, you know, accessible.

They’re also thinking about AR-10 lowers.

The Polymer80 is still in the prototype phase, but at least they’re interesting, if priced a bit high.

For more info check out their Facebook page.

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