Islamic Extremists Launch Deadly Attack after Hiding AK-47s in Coffin


Suspected Islamic extremists in Nigeria who hid their Kalashnikovs inside a coffin and launched an attack Friday, killed 13 people before being shot by security forces.

The attack occurred in Maiduguri, the spiritual home of the Jihadist network Boko Haram, who are now targeted by the regional military in an effort to fight extremists. The terrorists targeted a new youth group that points out suspected Boko Haram members to government forces.

The gunmen hid their AK-47s inside a coffin draped in white cloth as if being prepped for burial, which allowed them to drive through the city without being searched. As they approached the group, they pulled their weapons from the coffin and opened fire, killing the civilians.

According to witness Sheriff Ali, “They continued shooting until they ran out of ammunition, then some courageous youth rounded them up and handed them over to the soldiers, who shot them dead as they attempted to escape.”

In the time since, the military claims it has killed and arrested numerous suspected Boko Haram extremists. But military officials who spoke to journalists in recent weeks acknowledged many fighters likely fled with heavy weaponry including anti-aircraft guns and still remain a major threat to Africa’s most populous nation.


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