Video Released Said to Reveal Trayvon Martin Filming Street Fight

A video clip depicting two men fighting has been released by George Zimmerman’s defense team who claim it came from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone.

Zimmerman’s defense also claims the footage will prove their client is the one heard on a 911 call made seconds before Martin was shot dead February 26 in Florida. The person who made the video recording cannot be seen and prosecutors insist the video should not be allowed in court.

The 911 calls made the night Zimmerman killed Martin are in contention – as they reveal an individual crying out for help. Martin’s parent say the cries were from their son, while Zimmerman’s father testified they were from his son.

Voice-recognition experts could play an important role in helping jurors decide who was screaming, provided the cell phone footage is allowed into evidence. But to ID any audio, forensic experts need samples of both Zimmerman and Marin’s voice – and the cell phone recording purports to hold the latter’s.

Independent audio expert, Kent Gibson of Forensic Audio said in his expert opinion, Zimmerman is most likely the voice heard on the 911 tape by a “significant margin.”


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