Stealth Motorcycle for Special Forces being Tested (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

An off-road stealth motorbike is currently being fielded for use by U.S. Special Forces.

The MMX, created by Zero Motorcycles, sports a nearly silent powertrain and is completely electric. It also has full blackout capabilities, wiring for infared lighting systems and keyless ignition for super-quick starts.

β€œIt was a very rewarding experience for the Zero team to go through such an exacting development process. The military needed a very specific set of core features on the MMX, and we were incredibly thankful to work side-by-side with them to deliver such a unique product,” said Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology Officer for Zero Motorcycles.

The bike’s low profile look is completed by a matte black finish, and with no intake or exhaust, the off-roader can operate when submerged up to one meter. Two modular batteries provide more than two-hours of riding time per charge.

2013 Zero MMX Military Motorcycle – Key Features
β€’ Specialized military dash for quick and centralized mainline controls
β€’ Keyless ignition engaged with dash toggle for quicker departure
β€’ Modular and quick-swappable power packs
β€’ Wet operational abilities in up to one meter submersion
β€’ Switchable headlight for night-time stealth
β€’ Integrated wiring to accommodate quick installation of front and rear infrared systems
β€’ Safety override and reserve power capabilities to extend range during extreme situations
β€’ Aggressive foot pegs and hand guards for optimal control
β€’ Tie down eyelets with integrated tow cable and rear seat strap









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