Humane Officer Faces Outcry After Shooting Kittens (VIDEO)

A Humane Officer from Ohio who is accused of shooting and killing a litter of kittens is facing harsh criticism from the public.

According to an unidentified homeowner, Humane Officer Barry Accorti arrived at her home June 10 after she contacted the police regarding an aggressive feral cat and her five kittens who had taken up residence on her property. After informing the woman all the shelters were full and the kittens would be going to “kitty heaven,” Accorti took out his pistol and shot the two-month-old animals point-blank.

But what’s worse, claims the woman, Accorti executed the kittens in full-view of her children – with one child exclaiming: “Mommy, mommy, he shot the kitty!” Naturally, the juveniles were visibly distraught and crying after witnessing the massacre.

The North Ridgeville Police Department released a statement yesterday via their Facebook page claiming the homeowner “was aware that the feral cats were going to be euthanized but did not expect it to occur on her property.” The report went on to say that while the department “recognizes the concerns of those who believe feral cats should not be killed for simply trying to survive,” it was decided that Accorti’s actions were “appropriate.”

But after hundreds of comments, the majority of which disparaged the NRPD, the department took down its Facebook page. As of today, the page has been reinstated – but more than 1,000 anti-police comments were reportedly deleted.


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