Thief Uses Car to Ram Into Gun Store (VIDEO)

A would-be thief attempted to ram through the front door of a gun store with his vehicle last Wednesday. The daring burglary attempt occurred June 5 around 1 a.m. at the Hammer Down Gun Store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

According to John Romero of the Wheat Ridge Police Department, the robber rammed the store’s front door three times, but to no avail. Survellience video from inside the store captured the vehicle trying to bust in, scattering glass and debris.

After his third attempt, he left the scene in a second car. Romero said police were unable to get a description of the second vehicle and did not receive any reports of a stolen vehicle from the location – causing cops to speculate the thief left with an accomplice.

Fortunately, the store’s Facebook page posted that “all guns and ammo are safe.”


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