School Board Refuses to Expunge Record of Kindergarten Boy Who Brought Cap Gun to School

capgunIn a not so fun game of cowboys vs. school board buzz kills, the little cowboy lost when the Calvert County, Maryland Board of Education decided that they would not expunge his suspension for a “crime” he committed last month.

The accused, a 5-year-old boy who was interrogated by school officials until he wet himself, was sentenced to 10 days of suspension for bringing a cowboy-style cap gun on a school bus. Why would he bring such a thing on school property? First, he’s a boy and boys love guns and other thing that makes loud noises. Second, he’s a boy and wanted to show his new toy off to his friend, who brought his water gun to school the day before.

While it’s unclear if the little cowboy’s friend received any punishment for bringing his water gun to school, it was confirmed that his suspension will remain on his permanent record. However, the school board did reduce his sentence – perhaps for good behavior – down to only three days instead of 10.

[The Washington Post]

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