Former Bloomberg Bodyguard Sentenced to Seven Years for Attempted Murder

Veteran NYPD detective and former bodyguard for New York Mayor Bloomberg, Leopold McLean was sentenced to seven years in prison on June 18 for shooting his (now ex) girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend in the butt and back in 2010.

Apparently McLean pulled up to his former girlfriend Assia Winfield’s home and found her ex-boyfriend, LePaul Gammons outside. He then proceeded to shoot first and ask questions later, initially claiming that Gammons was armed and broke into the house.

Queens Supreme Court Justice James Griffin scolded McLean for his behavior. “I don’t know what caused this situation to happen… but as a citizen you forgot your common sense,” he said. “You suffer more than most defendants. Your career as an officer is over.”

Gammons, who showed up to court in handcuffs, as he is also serving time for forgery, showed sympathy for McLean, expressing that they both got played by Winfield in the bazaar love triangle.

[New York Post]

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