Man who dressed nephew like 'terrorist' and paraded him around with fake rocket launcher convicted of child endangerment (PHOTOS + VIDEO)


In a somewhat predictable outcome, filmmaker Michael D. Turley was convicted Monday of child endangerment and giving a false impression of a terrorist act after he sent his 16-year-old nephew onto the streets of Phoenix draped with a bed sheet and carrying a fake rocket launcher last July.

The goal behind the fiasco was to prove the slow response time of the police department, particularly in the event of a terrorist attack, claimed Turley.

Turley initially told authorities that they were filming a movie, but when the full video was posted on YouTube in September, police arrested him as the movie showed his intentions.

Authorities said that Turley put the 16-year-old’s life in danger, as some witnesses told police that they actually considered running him over as they passed him at the busy Phoenix intersection.

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