Pro-Gun Activist Tased, Arrested at Gun Control Rally (VIDEO)

Daniel Musso, 52, was arrested during a gun control rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday after he interrupted the speech of John Cantin and refused to back down, even after police intervened.

After Musso came within inches of Cantin, repeatedly interfering with his speech, Cantin asked him to “please have a little respect.” To which Musso responded, “If you had your speech in your mind, you wouldn’t have to read all this propaganda shit in front of you.”

Police were called over and Musso eventually walked away, but was soon thereafter apprehended by police, after he struggled with them and allegedly become violent.

Cantin, whose daughter was shot and killed by her husband in 2009, completed his speech and, referring to the incident with the heckler, said, “People just need to be more respectful, don’t get so emotional about this, everybody has a right to their opinion. We’re all Americans — we should be able to express that.”

“They just weakened their cause and strengthened ours,” Cantin continued.

[Washington Times]

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