Cap’n Crunch: Is he a fraud or is he French?

It was recently called to the attention of breakfast cereal lovers across the world that Cap’n Crunch is either a fraud or he’s French.

Apparently, a Reddit user discovered that the three stripes on the Captain’s coat aren’t characteristic of a Captain’s coat at all – or at least not in the United States, where the Captain has four stripes. However, in France, the Frigate Captain boasts three stripes, but that position translates to “commander” in English.


Lt. Cmdr. Sarah Flaherty, a U.S. Navy spokeswoman, reiterated the discovery, “You are correct that Cap’n Crunch appears to be wearing the rank of a U.S. Navy commander. Oddly, our personnel records do not show a ‘Cap’n Crunch’ who currently serves or has served in the Navy.”

Top that off with the Napoleon-style hat, and Cap’n Crunch is, indeed, either French, or he’s a fraud.


[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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