KKK Member Arrested For Building Ray Gun, Threatening Obama, Muslims (VIDEO)

Two men from upstate New York were arrested after they built a working X-ray gun, which the FBI described as “functional” and “lethal.” Apparently they had plans to kill President Obama and Muslims with the weapon, which would emit radiation, resulting in death to those who were exposed in a matter of weeks.

Glendon Scott Crawford, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, spent months designing the weapon, which he called “Hiroshima on a light switch.” He enlisted the help of Eric J. Feight and both were eventually arrested.

Crawford apparently contacted a high-ranking official in the KKK, asking for help with funds for his project. That official contacted the FBI and within two weeks undercover agents posed as KKK members and were introduced to Crawford.

The two men were arrested and charged with trying to detonate and build a weapon of mass destruction.

[ABC News]

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