22plinkster Kicks off New Series about Shooting Tips (VIDEO)

22plinkster is one of the best shots out there. While he certainly cuts his videos to highlight winning shots, there’s not enough .22 in the world to luck into the kind of trick shots he performs, sometimes repeatedly.

It’s a bit odd to hear someone start by saying “get a good gun” because more often than not, many experts will say “it’s not the gun that matters.” If that were so true, then why have so many different guns with different properties?

But I agree, you can get carried away spending money on shooting stuff. Unless you’re either able to print it yourself or actually earn money using guns, yeah, you can get crazy carried away.

There’s promise of much more. If you want to stay tuned, check out the 22plinkster YouTube channel. Plus, if you’re looking for the best ammo for your .22, that’s where you need to go.

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