The visual art project behind the UN Global Arms Trade Treaty (VIDEO)

The Exhibition That Shouldn’t Exist is the title of an art project produced by Control Arms, a coalition of more than 100 NGO’s, that is meant to encourage action in support for the United Nations Global Arms Trade Treaty. In an effort to grab as much attention as possible, the project uses three canvases covered with blood that were painted by shooting ‘symbolic’ blood filled mannequins. Using overarching and inconsequential language, the exhibit describes itself as the following:

Why shouldn’t this exhibition exist? And most important, why does it exist? The answers to these questions are facts. Lots of them. “The Exhibition that shouldn’t exist” doesn’t have an artist and isn’t art. But it portrays the reality of the irresponsible arms trade around the world, turning visible a violent truth that many don’t see.

Below are videos of the firearms used in creating each canvas:

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