Double Barrel Knife Launcher for the M16 (VIDEO)

“The Slingshot Channel bought a veritable M16A1 rifle a while ago (it is deactivated of course, so it is legal to own in Germany). After we already presented a slingbow upper receiver for it, now you can see the first two shot knive launcher that mounts underneath the barrel of the rifle.

“Because of the similar attachment method oif the M203 grenade launcher, the weapon has been named ‘SC203’ (SlingShotChannel 203).

“The SSC M203 fires the brand new Cold Steel ‘Hide Out’ neck knives, very lightweight, razor sharp knives that just came to market. Cold Steel was kind enough to send a few of them to The Slingshot Channel! We put them to good use for sure.

“The two knives can be shot individually, or both at the same time. See the impact into a foam mat, a wooden board and a water melon (what else?).”

As this isn’t a firearm, it shouldn’t count as a short-barreled rifle for NFA purposes. So go nuts! God, I love the Slingshot Channel.

Again, these are Hide Out knives by Cold Steel.

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