Decisions, Decisions: hickok45 Compares the XD(s) and M&P Shield in 9mm (VIDEO)

So if you don’t have 27 minutes to be reminded that you’ll never be as awesome of a shot as hickok45 is, let me sum this video up for you:

M&P Shield Pros:

  • Two ounces lighter
  • Slightly thinner in places
  • More ergonomic shape
  • No rail (may count as “con”)

XD(s) Pros:

  • Better trigger and controls
  • Better sights
  • Better loaded chamber indicator
  • Higher capacity with extended magazine
  • Rail (may count as “con”)

M&P Shield Cons:

  • Really?

XD(s) Cons:

  • A little more expensive
  • If your mom got run over by a Croatian, big “con”

Final considerations:

Just pick the one you like the looks of more. They’re essentially the same gun. Well, maybe the XD(s) is a little bit better in the end.*

*This is the opinion of hickok45 and not the position of Everyone here is very sensitive to the fact that either the XD(s) or the M&P Shield is far superior to the M&P Shield or the XD(s), whichever the case may be for you, and that these guns are totally different in every way, shape and form, namely that the one you like is tits and the other one is pure shit.


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