Second Amendment Advocates Outnumber Gun Control Activists at Gun Control Rally… Again

At a No More Names rally in Atlanta on Monday, it seems that there were once again more supporters of gun rights present than those who are demanding greater gun control. Apparently it’s become a common thing for gun control activists to be outnumbered at their own rallies, even sometimes being outnumbered by the media present to cover the event, as was the case Monday in Atlanta.

The rally, which is sponsored by the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, included the reading of names of so-called victims of gun violence. However, that supposed list has come under a bit of scrutiny after it was noticed last week that one of the names on that list was the name of one of the Boston Marathon bombers, which the group later apologized for.

Apparently the list is taken from and is comprised of approximately one in 12 being crime suspects killed by police or a result of armed citizens acting in self-defense. In addition, more than half of those names were victims of police shootings and suicides.



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