Sneak Peek at Slide Fire's Upcoming Belt Fed Rifle (VIDEO)

Joey Green of Slide Fire Solutions showing off their new Slide Fire Belt Fed Rifle (BFR). Availabilty will be later this Summer (2013) and will have a MSRP of $5,999.99.

It’s expensive, it’s of questionable value in almost any situation, it’s completely unproven, somewhat complicated and yet, Slide Fire is going to sell a crapton of these. It’s that grin people get when they use anything belt-fed.

Naysay all you want, if you went out shooting and saw one of these at the lane next to you, you know you’d make cutesy range eyes with it in hopes that it’s owner offered you a chance to shoot it.

Now they need to make one for a Saiga.

Slide Fire just put the finishing touches on their 10/22 stock for more reasonably-priced full-auto substitute, and if you want to stay appraised of all news Slide Fire check out their website and Facebook page. They also have a Twitter feed and YouTube channel.

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