KelTec RFB .308 Bullpup Review (VIDEO)

“This rifle is tiny for a .308, with a total length of 26 inches. This is roughly two inches longer than a standard .308 barrel without a rifle attached to it. This can be ordered in the hunter configuration with a 24-inch barrel or the one we are reviewing with an 18-inch barrel.

KelTec makes a claim that the 18-inch has a functional range of 600 meters whereas the 24-inch version has 1200 meters. The overall weight of the rifle is 8.1 pounds without a magazine.

“The controls of this rifle are snappy. The safety has an unmistakable click when switched from one setting to the other. The trigger is identical to the KelTec KSG that breaks like glass with what feels to be a 6-7 lb. break. The magazine release and action release are intuitively located and are not in a place where they would accidentally be pushed under any conditions.

“We have had this rifle for a long time and there were a lot of high points to it mixed in with some things I can’t really place as a pro or a con. It is a short stroke piston rifle, the piston takes excess gas and moves about 1 inch with enough velocity to push the bolt back the length of a .308 bullet. The piston system requires adjustment out of the box and every time you switch your bullet weight or ammunition type it takes a little tweaking with a few clicks in one direction or the other.

“All around, this rifle screams close quarter combat to me and out of the box I think that this is a great solution for engagements within 300 meters.”

[Four Guys Guns]

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