This Is What Happens to Canadian Coinage in the U.S., Eh? (VIDEO)

That’s what you get for getting mixed in with real money and screwing me over when I want to buy a damn drink at the gas station, and also for trading higher than the U.S. dollar that one time!

I’m just kidding, nobody uses money anymore. And I’m pretty sure nobody else can shoot like 22plinkster so you’re crazy coins are pretty safe. Maybe not forever as he’s starting a series about improving your pistol shooting skills.

Plus, you guys have awesome glow-in-the-dark dinosaur money. Seriously, check it out.

If you have an idea for a trick shot you want to see 22plinkster attempt, hit him up on his Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

Also, get your shout-outs here: Funker Tactical/Funker530 and ratedrr.

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