Magpul PMAG 40 Review (VIDEO)

Announced earlier this month, Magpul is now manufacturing 40-round Gen M3 PMAGs. These new magazines not only promise ten more rounds of PMAG performance, delivering a capacity not often seen with most AR/M4/STANAG magazines, they also are blessed with all of the third-generation features of Magpul magazines.

The MSRP is $20 per magazine with most vendors listing them at $19. Even at full price these magazines are going to be incredibly popular. Everyone like extra ammo, even when it’s hard to find. And when most magazines with capacities greater than 30 run $40-$50, at these prices Magpul is going to tear through their competition.

The new magazines have taken years to develop. They are compatible with a wide range of rifle platforms including those that wouldn’t accept the previous-generation PMAGs like the Marines’ new M27 IAR.

For more Twang and Bang, check out the YouTube channel. They tend to be really well-made and informative. There is also a Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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