Trayvon Martin was ‘being descriptive’ when he called Zimmerman a ‘creepy-ass cracker’ (VIDEO)


HLN host Ryan Smith told CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin that when Trayvor Martin used the word “cracker,” as in he called George Zimmerman a “creepy-ass cracker” according to a witness, it was not a racial slur. He was only “being descriptive to what he sees.” It’s a description which is acceptable by “the black community” according to Smith.

“For a lot of black folks all over the country, for a lot of Southern folks, nothing wrong with that statement,” Smith explained. He then goes on to explain that the word “cracker” as well as the N-word is simply descriptive and colorful language, not intended to be offensive.

That’s funny. I wonder if that excuse would work for Paula Deen down in the South or if those colorful terms are only acceptable within “the black community.”


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