22plinkster's Precision Shooting Tips Number 2: The Grip (VIDEO)

More 22plinkster shooting tips. Being one of the most talented shooters we’ve seen since, well, ever, we really like these straight-forward instructional videos. If you missed the first one, check it out. The gist: buy a good gun.

The grip is two parts: how you hold the gun and the actual grips on the gun. It’s refreshing to hear someone say grip it loosely, you’re only taking one shot, this is precision rimfire shooting, not tactical multigun khaki pants racing.

Whether or not these tips are news to you, there is a lot of help out there, some of it less helpful than others. These are nice because they show you how a top shooter does it.

If you want to suggest a shooting challenge for Mr. Plinkster, go over to his Facebook page or Twitter feed and holler.

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