Bill Burr Teaches Elijah Wood How To Kill (VIDEO)

Ha, get it, .22 for self-defense? Fantastic joke.

Seriously. Don’t use a .22 unless it’s the only gun you’ve got. If you have to, use a double-action .22 revolver because at least then you don’t have to depend on the ammo to cycle the action if a round is too soft or fails to fire.

Come on, Coco, you’ve had some real shooting experience.

Get a reliable service pistol and load it with low-flash expanding ammo and you won’t have any problems with night blindness or over-penetration. Shooting inside without ear pro? Better than the alternative. If you stick with sub-sonic rounds you’ll recover faster, if they’re an option. And you three are famous, so get your carry permits, nothing’s stopping you.

You want some shooting lessons? Give us a call, we’ll hook you up.

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