Check Out the MS Clean: The Magazine Shaped Cleaning Kit (VIDEO)

The Magazine Shaped Cleaning Kit or “Miss Clean” is a great new idea from former Marine and “Top Shot” star Peter Palma and his cohort Trevor Jordan. The name says it all: it’s a cleaning kit that takes the shape of a magazine.

The shape of the Miss Clean allows it to be carried using just about any type of mag carrier, and its hard construction gives its contents an extra measure of protection. It’s long enough to store cleaning rods and doubles as a spare parts bin when stripping a gun.

The catch: it’s not in production yet. While Palma has all the designs and patents in place to start making Miss Clean kits, he and Jordan have hit a speed bump: the cost of manufacturing dies.

Dies are used to cast polymer and metal parts, and are expensive, precision tools. The duo has turned to Kickstarter to crowdsource the funds necessary to buy the tooling to begin making their “improved cleaning kit case for sportsmen and professional use.”

MS Clean (2)

“Dies are expensive,” reads the fundraiser page. “Really expensive. We almost didn’t think we could do this at all when we found out how much one set of dies cost. Think of how much a new, higher, lower-end car costs. That is how much the dies cost. And they are only about the size of a shoe box. Not even a large basketball sneaker type shoe box. A lady’s saddles size shoe box. For the price of a car!!! But then we came across Kickstarter, and suddenly we thought this can be done.”

This is a really clever solution. We like how it can contain rods instead of a cleaning cable — or both with the double mag pouch.

They’re aiming to raise $30,000 and have just a few short weeks in order to do so. If you think this is a good idea, if you’d like to have a Miss Clean of your own, head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge some cash.

A pledge of just $15 gets you a black MS Cleaning Kit once they become available, and $25 gets you two. One in black and one in the color of your choice.

A $30 pledge gets you a whole kit, a black Miss Clean with a complete rifle cleaning kit inside. For $50 you get a deluxe cleaning kit with extras and $60 a pair of deluxe kits.

And for anyone who contributes $5,000, “[you] will have a weekend of training with two world class marksmen. Peter Palma and Blake Miguez, as seen on TV. We will provide all the equipment for you to get dirty. There will be a variety of platforms to try your skills at. This will include two days of small group instruction.”

So whether or not you were a fan of Palma and Miguez on that first season of “Top Shot,” this is a really clever and handy cleaning kit concept that we’d love to see become a reality.

They’ve already raised over $5,000 (at the time of writing) and at this rate they’ve got a good chance of putting the Miss Clean into production.

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