Iraq combat vet slams lawmakers for passing the NY SAFE Act on the ‘demented actions of a couple mad men’ (VIDEO)

Aaron Weiss, an Iraq combat veteran and law enforcement officer, delivered an emotionally charged three minute speech to the legislators of Duchess County, New York, against the passing of the NY SAFE Act.

Weiss questions the lawmakers’ definition of the “courage” they claim it took to pass the act, rebuking them for their middle of the night meetings, which he refers to as a “mafia-style sit-down to divvy up what’s good for the bosses.”

Weiss then goes on to ask, “Why is dead children your battle cry?” He reprimands them for staying silent as hundreds of children are killed in Chicago, only screaming “when it happens to wealthy white ones.”

Barely able to contain his raw emotion, Weiss then said, “My right is more important than your dead because I fought for it firsthand. … My right trumps your dead because I earned it in blood. … I gave up a lot for this country … and better men than me gave up a whole lot more so that all of you, myself included, can enjoy the rights that are guaranteed to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

In closing he poses the question of whether or not those who so whole-heartedly support the SAFE Act would be willing to stand on the front lines to enforce it.

[Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children]

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