Tulsa Man Hogties Burglar Then Leaves Him in the Front Yard for Police (VIDEO)

A would-be burglar found himself empty handed and hogtied after he attempted to break into a home in Tulsa early Wednesday morning.

The couple in the home heard glass shattering in their daughter’s bedroom, and then found a folding chair in the middle of the room with shattered glass everywhere. The couple then heard noises inside the garage and homeowner Denay Houston said that’s when her husband, who did not wish to be identified, went to the door to wait for the intruder.

When the would-be burglar emerged from the garage, the man bum-rushed him, tackled him, hogtied him and left in him the front yard. He then called the police to inform them that the hogtied man was lying on the lawn awaiting their arrival, instructed Houston to keep an eye on him until the officers arrived, and skipped off to work, as he was now running late.

Houston, who is also nine months pregnant, said, “He’s like a superhero,” referring to her husband’s encounter with the intruder. “I was like, ‘That’s my man!’ I was really proud of him,” she said.

The intruder was arrested and charged with first degree burglary. Apparently, he was on drugs.

[News 9]

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