Just Launchin' Grenades with my FAL (VIDEO)

A friend of hickok45 sent him an FAL rifle rigged up with a grenade launcher and dummy grenade, and it looks intense. You can just barely hear hickok’s brass clankers clap together right as he pulls the trigger on that thing shouldered. Because rifle-born grenades are real bone-breakers and that’s not an exaggeration.

“Grenade launching is a skill that everybody should have. I’m just trying to do my part as an American citizen and master this useful skill.

“The grenades are fired using 7.62X51 blanks, which is the common method for launching grenades from a rifle.”

Incidentally, the FN FAL, also known as “the Right Arm of the Free World” was developed in-part by Dieudonné Saive, the weapons designer probably best known for partnering with John Browning to design the Browning Hi-Power. 

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