Military Vet May Face Felony Charges for Driving WWII Tank Through Neighborhood (VIDEO)


U.S. Navy and Marine Corps veteran John Lind is now in jail and may face felony charges after he and two friends drove his antique World War II armor plated vehicle, “Lonely Bull,” down a suburban neighborhood street while celebrating Independence Day last week in Shelby Township, Michigan. Apparently Lind is a history buff who owns a large collection of historical memorabilia, including several military vehicles.

911 calls came rolling in during what Police Chief Roland Woelkers calls a “stupid act,”  when Lind and his friends drove the tank down the street firing blanks from the tank’s 50-caliber machine gun. Although most people in the area know about Lind’s collection, some do not and as such the event caused “pandemonium” among them.

Lind is being held on $100,000 bond pending formal charges.



[ABC 7]

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